The MOME Digital Craft Lab explores the intersections of the digital and the analog world, responding to the challenges of the information and technological society of the 21st century. The lab aims to achieve a contemporary, progressive and market-compatible reinterpretation of craft areas, built on craft traditions, within project-based R & D activities, using innovative technologies.

The program plan of the MOME Digital Craft Lab is closely linked to the content and infrastructure setup of MOME Campus Development. With regard to its activity the lab is unique in Hungary and belongs to forefront in Europe; in terms of its operation it is an economically mostly independent R&D&I lab that is horizontally integrated in education.

The thematic lab has three main directions of activity:

The MOME Digital Craft Lab’s applied research projects seek answers to the following questions:

  • What can be the future of an object making approach that combines traditional craft knowledge with contemporary design perspective, focuses on the challenges of our times and uses innovative materials and technologies?
  • How can the evolution of craftsmanship continue in a digital world without losing its values?
  • How can the material sensitivity of craftsmanship make the transition to computer-based design and construction?
  • How can one move from the material world to the digital surface and from the digital world back to the material format so that this move not only demonstrates the quality and speed of craftsmanship but a new design approach as well?
  • How is it possible to develop educational methods based on fusion knowledge sharing that open up new avenues for modern skills development in terms of content and aesthetics?

DCLab Staff

Lipóczki Ákos, DLA

head of laboratory | MOME DCLab
associate professor | MOME

Head of the Design and Art Department at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design; founder of the MOME Digital Craft Lab. His research and teaching work aims to create two-way interoperability between the physical and the virtual world by combining digital technology, innovative material research, contemporary design and craftsmanship.

LIPI Design

Varga Péter István, DLA

researcher and university teacher | MOME DCLab
assistant professor | MOME

Architect, lecturer at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, supervisor of the Integrated Materials Experimentation Courses of the MOME Design and Art Department. His expert area is concrete, and innovative material experiments and product developments related to concrete. Founding Managing Director of the VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture, curator of the Contemporary Architecture Centre.

VPI Betonmanufaktúra

Dezső Renáta

Researcher | MOME DCLab
DLA student | MOME Doctoral School

Her research experience includes Critical Technical Practice (CTP) on use of technology and the design of technology grounded in Digital Craft.  Among her works there is the focus on “data physicalization” and “physical visualization” through 3D scanning / 3D modelling and Digital Fabrication. Her 2018/2019 research on the intersection of New Craft and Reflective Practice is supported by the UNKP-18-3-i-mome-9 new national excellence program of the ministry of human capacities of Hungary. 


Kovács Andrea

project manager | MOME DCLab
art manager | Let it Be! art agency

She explores the possibilities of bringing together different creative areas of knowledge and forming innovative interprofessional cooperation. Her own agency focuses on projects born from the relationship of technology and art. She is the editor of the smART! XTRA series in the Trafó House of Contemporary Arts.

Let it Be! art agency

Alscher Bettina

project manager trainee | MOME DCLab
product designer

She is a Design and Art Management MA student at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. As a member of the MOME Digital Craft Lab team, she coordinates the lab projects. Her job is to keep contacts and organize events. She specializes in product design and adult education.

Komporday Dóra

project manager trainee | MOME DCLab
pedagogical expert

She earned her bachelor’s degree in education in 2012. After three years of teaching, half a year of foreign experience and one year spent at a multinational enterprise, she is currently studying for her Design and Art Management MA degree at the MOME University of Art and Design. She is a committed devotee and messenger of the STEAM education methodology.

Szántó Gerzson

project manager trainee | MOME DCLab

He is a Design and Art Management MA student at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.He is the trainee of the Digital Craft Lab, he prepares financial planning, writes tenders, keeps contacts, and prepares English documentation and communication materials.

Lecturers, experts

Bényei Judit PhD, MOME
Falk György, Varinex
Harsányi Réka, media designer
Józsa István, Design Shop.eu
Keszei István, MOME
Kiskéry Dániel, MOME FabLab ambassador
Kiss Bence Ádám, designer
Lipécz Ádám, Codie
Maurer Klimes Ákos, designer
Orlai Balázs, MOME
Pap Dávid, FabLab Budapest
Ruttkay Zsófia PhD, MOME TechLab
Szabó Péter, Parametric Art
Veres Bálint PhD, MOME Transfer Lab
Veres-Székely Vidor, FabLab Budapest
Váró Péter, designer