Experience based education development

Education in the 21st century focuses on creative, collaborative, problem-solving competences and innovative solutions provided by digitalisation. Developing and teaching them require new tools and methodologies. The STEAM methodology integrates creative object-making and the theoretical knowledge taught in the math, science and technology subjects into experience-based, playful tasks for elementary schools. The students take part in activities based on the STEAM methodology where strong emphasis is given to the development of teamwork, communication, graphic and plastic skills, and the transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge related to the digital object-making technologies.

The “Be STEAM!” research project aims to develop an experience based educational methodology that generates fusion knowledge sharing; can be integrated into the general public education; and opens up new, progressive paths in modern skills development both in contents and aesthetics. Our open source learning modules include complex sets of tasks which reflect to the changed knowledge needs, and combine the elements of the different subjects.

The particularity of the “Be STEAM” research project is that it supplements the STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) methodology, which focuses on transferring the theoretical knowledge of the technology/science/math subjects, with the art subjects into STEAM (Art & Craft & Design). The program, which was presented at the Digital Thematic Week, demonstrates the innovative ideas in real educational situations. It allows the teachers and the students to study the ever-changing world and the problem solving opportunities based on the STEAM methodology.

The long-term goal of the “STEAM Innovative Educational Methodology Development” program is to educate a generation the members of which will feel at home in the area of digital object-making, and who will comfortably design and create objects both in the virtual and the material world.

Air driven educational demonstration tool |"Be STEAM!" project

An object demonstrating abstraction processes |"Be STEAM!" project

Ballerina rotated with a homopolar motor |"Be STEAM!" project

Homopolar engine driven carousel |"Be STEAM!" project

A toy controlled by an Arduino module | "Be STEAM!" project