Researching Digital Object Making Technologies

In the 21st century the ever growing virtualization of our environment and the transition of our material culture from the material form to the digital form is a huge challenge for the design arts which are based on craft traditions. These design arts, which are responsible for the design of our material environment, are under constant transformation all across Europe. The effects of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), the altered production and marketing methods (Internet of Things), the new technologies, and the innovative materials (Smart Materials), require a radically new design methodology.

The new type approaches (New Craft) can only become credible if they can react and respond to the challenges of our century. One of the most pressing of these challenges is to create a two-way interoperability between the material and the virtual world.

  • The “Add to Cart Jewelery” program focuses on the designing of digitally personalizable jewelry which can be mutliplied with additive and subtractive technologies and be sold online.
  • The “3D Print … What’s it good for?” course is about research into the future of 3D printing technology, about designing experimental applications, services and products that can be made with a home 3D printer.
  • The “Wearable Technologies” project aims to design objects and cultural signals that have progressive value both aesthetically and in content, using the Arduino OpenSource electronic platforms.

Serial response time measuring device | Wearable Technologies project

Wearable digital fabric structure made with 3D printing | "Wearable Technologies" project

Wearable digitalia for apolitic users | "Wearable Technologies" project

Experimental kinetic biomorphic object | "Wearable Technologies" project

Performative Light Jewelry | Diploma work

Wearable digitalia of visualized data | "Wearable Technologies" project

Personalizable modular bracelet | "3D print ... what is it good for?" project

Virtual bead stringing | "Add to Cart Jewelery" project

Online growable jewellery "Add to Cart Jewellery" project

Jewellery made by digitizing face silhouettes | "Add to Cart Jewellery" project

Customizable spatial typography "Add to Cart Jewellery" project

3D printed spatial doodle jewellery | "Add to Cart Jewellery" project