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Serial response time measuring device | Wearable Technologies project

Virtual bead stringing | "Add to Cart Jewelery" project

Wearable digitalia for apolitic users | "Wearable Technologies" project

Wearable digital fabric structure made with 3D printing | "Wearable Technologies" project

Personalizable modular bracelet | "3D print ... what is it good for?" project

Online growable jewellery "Add to Cart Jewellery" project

Wearable digitalia of visualized data | "Wearable Technologies" project

3D printed spatial doodle jewellery | "Add to Cart Jewellery" project

Jewellery made by digitizing face silhouettes | "Add to Cart Jewellery" project

Customizable spatial typography "Add to Cart Jewellery" project

Performative Light Jewelry | Diploma work

Experimental kinetic biomorphic object | "Wearable Technologies" project