The downloadable introductory material and operating plan of the MOME Digital Craft Lab.

Portfolio Business model

R & D & I activities

The MOME DCLab serves as a bridge between the product development concept (idea) and the prototype (product). The Lab assists and incubates the development of the product from the concept to the prototype. As an innovative educational and research and development lab, it carries out the following activities:

  • provides highly trained educators, researchers, designers, contractors;
  • ensures the involvement of the design students, PhD students, MOME alumni community in the projects;
  • ensures and organizes the background of the material experiments and technological experiments;
  • provides professional incubation for prototype development;
  • provides technological and machine background for prototype development processes;
  • explores raw material resources;
  • carries on educational activities, workshops and courses;
  • provides venues and high-level infrastructure for the developments.

MOME Digital Crafting course

Start: October 2017

In the Digital Crafting course the applicants will receive theoretical knowledge on materials and technologies, and they will discover the innovative technological possibilities of digital object making during the creative practice seminars. We are looking forward to getting your application in case you are motivated by the following considerations:

  • you are interested not only in design but in crafting as well;
  • you want to show your creativity through creation;
  • you are attracted by both the digital and the material world;
  • you have already met with digital object making technologies, but you have never tried them;
  • you have basic knowledge of vector graphics and 3D modeling softwares;
  • you are over 18 years of age and you can identify with the Design & Craft world;
  • you would like your professional portfolio expanded with digital object making projects.

„Be STEAM!” Workshop

Start: July 2017

The “Be STEAM!” children’s activity program aims to unite the skills of creative object making with the subject-matter content of the science courses into experience-based, playful tasks for 10-14 year old elementary school students. In the program special emphasis is given to the development of collaboration, communication, graphic and plastic skills, and the transfer of theoretical knowledge and digital practice skills.

    S – Science
    T – Technology
    E – Engineering;
    A – Art & Craft & Design
    M – Mathematics

Photo: Tamás Komporday, Gerzson Szántó